September 13 4:57pm

Red Line.

I just saw Ghetto Klown and I’m in awe. I love live theater. It will never stop being amazing to me and give me chills.

To meet John Leguizamo in person and for him to tell me good luck was just amazing. I had to get all of his work. I need to study. I need to push for being greater.

I have to get my body ready for sacrifice.

I feel like I’ve found my family. I laughed so much today. I ate so much. I played so much volleyball. I was around all my Asian FAM. My volleyball FAM.

I am making a home for myself now. I’m also getting ready for my big leap into the unknown.

Do I want to be famous or a great artist? That Is a question I push to find the answer to everyday. And I need to push harder.

Today I played in my first and probably my last volleyball tournament of the season. At least for outdoors. I helped my teammate fight and dig deep and when he felt like giving up I told him not to. We talked through it.

And I loved every second of it. We lost. But we pushed to a final 3rd game and it was amazing. It took all summer but I finally found my swing. Now it’s just a matter of mastering it.

All things get better with time. From pain and hurt to work and art. It all gets better with time. It will always get better with time.

I just need to believe that it will. That following the fear is the ultimate choice. To push for something higher and to bring more to the table than most.

Bas, my director for Chicago slam works, would always tell is during our pre show huddle that we need to be the one. If the energy is lacking or a choice needs to be made, then be the one.

I need to be the one. I am the one. I’ve been the one this whole time. I just need to believe it by working for it.


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