Someone always has to be the one to take the bullet. And I don’t mind being that guy. I’ll always go out when there’s nobody on stage. I’ll always take on the challenge. Because that’s how you learn. And that’s how you protect those around you. 

Tonight I protected and felt protected. My choices were strong and my God did it feel good to feel like a beginner again. I love it. Just playing. Playing with people I don’t know. No pressure. Just the thrill of it. 
The trill of it. Thrill of it. Wanting to go after everything and and being the willingness. 

To be all in on this. 
This is how we win. By being there and pushing the fair winds our way so come sail away. Come sail away with my rip tides. You can’t just rip and hide. You got to go and get that high. 
That runners invincible feeling of blasting through all the walls that fall in your way. Ever had to work against the grain. Try to maintain a sense of fame.  Who in this game?

Two player? One. Guess this one was just for fun. Stop thinking. Start playing. And let the player haters keep hating. 


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